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Used Shipping Containers

We have a large range of Used Shipping Containers in stock at our base location

Used Shipping Containers can be an excellent way to complete your project without having to purchase more expensive one trip containers. You may be able to get multiple containers or use any leftover money to increase the efficacy of the second hand unit. We have varying sizes from 10ft all the way to 40ft depending on your needs. 

Key Features

Hitching Points

Secure Locking

Well Vented

Multiple Colors

Marine Ply Floor

Water & Wind Proof

Used Shipping Containers Information

We have a vast selection of second-hand shipping containers available in Ireland. Our depot is based in Grange, Limerick and you can get in touch with us today!

These containers are sold by shipping companies in order for them to purchase new stock for ocean shipping, this results in a wide range of conditions, sizes and prices becoming available to our customers when they are deciding on the type of container they might need for an upcoming project. Even though these containers are “Used” our containers still have the same key features such as wind and watertight protection allowing you to securely store any items you need reliably. If color is an issue, the containers also come in a range of RAL colors to suit any situation. Get in contact today if you think a used container may be the most effective option for your project and let our staff guide you on the most appropriate container for the job.

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