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Why work with us on your next project?

Why work with us on your next Project?

We are a  team with over 10 years of experience in the container industry, we’re here to provide accurate and honest information about the condition of all our Shipping Containers.

This can help you make a more informed decision about whether the container is suitable for your needs, and can also help you avoid costly repairs or maintenance in the future.

Our staff are reliable and trustworthy, giving you peace of mind when making such a large purchase. We stand behind all our products and offer great customer service if any issues should ever arise.

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers in Ireland are a popular choice for a variety of uses, including storage, housing, and even commercial or retail spaces. Some of the reasons why people choose to buy shipping containers are:

Durability: Sea containers are durable enough to withstand the rigors of ocean transportation.

Versatility: Shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage, housing, and even as foundations for buildings.

Inexpensive: Containers are a more cost-effective solution than traditional building materials, especially for temporary or mobile structures.

Transport: Shipping containers are designed for easy transport by truck, train or boat, making them a convenient option for those who need to move their structures.

Sustainability: Reusing shipping containers helps reduce waste and the need for new materials, making it a greener choice.

Why Work With Us?


We are a trusted seller delivering high quality products and services.


We have strong relationships with the best delivery companies.


Know your delivery is secured properly during transport

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Timely and efficient communication with customers.

Client Testimonials

"These guys are great. They have been so easy to work with. I am so pleased with the cabin, my new workspace was delivered over a wall into my garden. Surrounded by trees it is safe, secure and warm. It’s a solid outdoor office idea for my needs. Aaron and his team at Contain Yourself were accommodating and beyond helpful."
Martina Mullaney
Institute of Art
"Great Business - Cabins are high very high quality. They were able to get me a neutral color that I needed and sent me on a pile of images of the office I was after. Very pleasant to deal with and they also organized the delivery to my location which was ideal as it was craned into place. I attached images of a version of a cabin they sent to me for to look at before I got our one."
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
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Trusted Business

Here are some of our trusted partners and businesses we have worked with in the past, supplying storage containers and converted containers to them in an efficient and timely manner.

Clearance shipping containers are containers that are being sold at a discounted price due to a variety of reasons such as overstocking, damage, or end-of-life. These containers are still functional and can be used for a variety of purposes such as storage, housing, and even retail or office space. However, it is important to thoroughly inspect a clearance container before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs and any necessary repairs or modifications can be made. Clearance containers are a cost-effective option for those looking for a functional container at a discounted price.

Shipping container prices are dependent on both the size and style of the container. Larger containers will typically cost more than smaller ones, as they require more materials and labor to construct. The style of the container, such as whether it is new or used, or if it has been modified with additional features, can also affect the price. For example, a used standard container will cost less than a new, modified container with added insulation and windows. Additionally, location can also affect the price of shipping container. Some areas may have higher demand for containers, or have a shortage of available containers, which can drive prices up.

Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, with the most common sizes being 20-foot and 40-foot standard containers. The 20-foot container is typically used for smaller shipments, or for storage on a smaller scale. It measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet 6 inches tall. The 40-foot container, on the other hand, is commonly used for larger shipments, or for storage on a larger scale. It measures 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet 6 inches tall. Additionally, there are also high cube containers, which are the same length and width as standard containers but are taller, measuring 9 feet 6 inches in height. There are also other sizes like 10ft, 45ft, 53ft etc. It's important to note that the size of the container you need will depend on the amount and type of items you need to ship or store.

Truck delivery is a common method used to transport shipping containers to a new site. A flatbed truck is typically used for this method, which is a type of truck with a flat, open bed that can be used to load and transport large and heavy items such as shipping containers. The container is first loaded onto the flatbed truck using a crane or a forklift, and then secured to the truck using straps or chains to prevent it from moving or shifting during transportation.  Once the container arrives at the new site, it is offloaded from the truck using a crane or forklift and placed in its final location.

Custom shipping container conversion is the process of modifying a shipping container to fit a specific purpose or use. This may involve cutting and welding the container to create openings, adding insulation, electrical or plumbing systems, or even building additional rooms or spaces within the container. Custom shipping container conversion is a popular option for those looking to create unique and functional spaces such as offices, workshops, homes, or even commercial spaces like pop-up stores or food trucks. Container conversions can be done to the standard ISO shipping containers or the high cube containers of different sizes. These conversions can be done by professional companies or even DIY enthusiasts with proper knowledge and equipment. Custom container conversions can provide an affordable, durable and sustainable solution for many different types of projects, and can be built to suit different sizes, designs and budgets.

First, we offer a wide variety of shipping containers in different sizes and conditions, including new and used options, to suit any budget or project. Our shipping containers are made of high-quality steel that is strong and durable, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of transportation and storage.

Second, we have a team of experienced professionals who can assist you in finding the right container for your needs and ensure that it meets your exact specifications. We can also help with custom conversions, like adding doors, windows, and electrical or plumbing systems if needed.

Third, we have a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service. We take pride in making sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase and that their shipping container is delivered on time and in good condition.

Lastly, we have a large inventory and we can deliver containers anywhere in the world, so you can be sure you will get your container when you need it.

Overall, buying a shipping container from us guarantees you a reliable, high-quality product with a great customer service, and a fair price.

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