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Specialized Containers

Nationwide delivery, a leading supplier of Specialized Containers in Multiple sizes throughout Ireland

Our website offers a wide selection of specialized shipping containers for sale, including Storage, Side Opening, and Open-Top containers. Whether you need to store small goods or transport cargo, we have the perfect container.

10ft Storage Containers


If you have limited space available our smaller container range is the solution for you. Water and wind tight.

High Cube Containers


High cube containers are ideal for those who require additional height for their cargo or Storage.

Side Opening Containers


Side Open containers offer easy access to cargo from the side opening in addition to the standard end opening.

Multistore Containers


Multi-Store containers which provide an innovative and cost-effective solution for creating additional storage space.

Site Accommodation


Site accommodation provides comfortable living spaces for workers at construction sites or other remote locations.

Used Office Containers 


Used office containers provide an affordable and customizable solution for creating office spaces.